Streamlining Staff Management for the PGA WM Phoenix Open

Streamlining Staff Management for the PGA WM Phoenix Open


Event Staff App specializes in providing cutting-edge software solutions designed to simplify the complex processes of hiring, scheduling, and managing event staff. Our platform offers a seamless integration of recruitment, shift scheduling, communication, time tracking, and payroll management functionalities. In the dynamic environment of event management, where adaptability and efficiency are paramount, our software stands out as a vital tool for companies looking to enhance their staffing operations.


The WM Phoenix Open, hosted by Waste Management (WM), is not just a showcase of golfing excellence but also a massive operational endeavor requiring a robust and flexible workforce. The primary challenge faced by WM in the lead-up to the tournament was the recruitment and management of hundreds of staff members needed to ensure the event ran smoothly. The company sought a solution that could handle the vast number of job applicants, streamline the assignment and scheduling of shifts for the multi-day event, facilitate direct and efficient communication with staff, and manage time tracking and payroll reporting with precision and ease.


Event Staff App provided the comprehensive solution WM required. Our software facilitated a streamlined recruitment process, enabling WM to efficiently manage hundreds of job applications. Through our platform, applicants could easily submit their credentials, and WM’s hiring managers were able to quickly review, shortlist, and onboard the necessary staff.

Key Features Utilized:
  • Streamlined Recruitment: Our platform’s intuitive interface allowed WM to manage the influx of applications effectively, filtering candidates based on qualifications and availability.
  • Efficient Scheduling: With our sophisticated scheduling feature, WM effortlessly assigned and scheduled the selected staff across various shifts, ensuring all aspects of the event were adequately staffed.
  • Accessible Communication: Our built-in text messaging system enabled WM to maintain clear and constant communication with their staff, sending out updates, shift reminders, and essential information via text messages. Text messaging is the best way to reach staff as everyone does it, there is nothing to install, and no blockades such as requiring staff to log in. Our platform sends links in text messages that staff receive to make it super easy to open these in their phone’s web browser – something that everyone can do and it requires no additional steps for them to perform. As a result of the ease-of-use with text messaging, you can get a much higher engagement rate with staff and a better success with them arriving prepared to work at an event.
  • Time Tracking and Payroll Integration: The software’s time tracking capability allowed for accurate recording of hours worked, while the payroll integration feature streamlined the compensation process, making it transparent and efficient.


The implementation of Event Staff App at the WM Phoenix Open PGA Golf Tournament led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Efficient Handling of Job Applicants: The software enabled WM to process and manage hundreds of applications smoothly, significantly reducing administrative burden and ensuring a quick turnaround from application to hiring.
  • Optimized Staff Scheduling: The ease of scheduling ensured that all event days were fully staffed, with personnel efficiently allocated across various roles and shifts, contributing to the seamless execution of the event.
  • Enhanced Communication: The direct messaging functionality ensured that all staff were well-informed and engaged, leading to high levels of preparedness and responsiveness throughout the event.
  • Streamlined Payroll Process: The integration of time tracking and payroll functionalities allowed for accurate and timely compensation of staff, enhancing satisfaction and trust.

Ensuring a Flawless Event

The successful deployment of Event Staff App by Waste Management at the WM Phoenix Open PGA Golf Tournament underscores the software’s capacity to transform event staffing management. By facilitating efficient recruitment, scheduling, communication, and payroll management, Event Staff App not only addresses the operational challenges faced by event organizers but also enhances the overall event execution. Our platform proved to be an indispensable tool for WM, setting a new standard for staffing efficiency and management in the event industry.