Event Staff App

How It Works for Staff

Availability Requests

To help managers determine if you (the staff) are free to work, managers will send out availabilty requests via the system. You will receive both a mobile SMS message and an email. With either the SMS message or email, you can respond to the request with a click on either the Yes or No button to answer if you are free and available to work based on the details presented.

Note: An availability request is not an indication that you were scheduled to work. If you are scheduled, you will receive a separate work shift with your final schedule details.

Here is an example of what an availability request email looks like:

Example of mobile SMS availability request:

Example of screen you will see after clicking on the link in the mobile SMS message sent to your phone:

Work Shifts

When you are chosen to work an event, your manager will send you a work shift that will come as both a mobile SMS message and email. You can also log in at any time with your account to view the events that you are scheduled to work at.

Dashboard you will see after logging in to your account:

Work Shift Confirmations (* when used)

Some business will require that you confirm the work shifts that you receive. For business that require confirmation, you will see the Yes/No selection upon receipt of your work shift.

The following is an example of what a scheduled work shifts email looks like that includes the ability to confirm.

Daily Digest Communication

If your manager chooses to reduce communication items that are sent to you by using our Daily Digest feature with events, you will only receive 1 text message/email combo for availability requests and 1 text message/email combo for scheduled work shifts (if any have been added to the system for you). These will be sent to you around 10:00 am Pacific-time.

Example of Daily Digest format of availability requests sent via text message:

Example of Daily Digest format of availability requests sent via email (which contains a link that would open a page similar to above):

Eample of Daily Digest format of an email containing scheduled work shifts that include the ability to confirm or cancel:

Weekly Schedule Reminder - Monday Email

Every Monday at 10:00 am Pacific, a weekly schedule overview is sent to staff who are scheduled to work that week. The email covers work shifts from Monday through Sunday. An example of the Monday weekly schedule reminder email looks like the following:

Further Details

Another item to note is that each Monday the system will send you your weekly work schedule, if you are scheduled to work that week.

If you are ever in doubt about your work schedule, or about any availability requests that you may have received, you can always log in to your account. Use the Login button at the top right of the eventstaffapp.com or bookmark the following page: https://www.eventstaffapp.com/login

You can access Event Staff App either via your smartphone's Web browser, or via your desktop or laptop Web browser.