Staff Availability

With Event Staff App you have the option to first ask staff if they are free and interested in working a time slot. You can either send what are called Individual Availability Requests to specific staff that you select by name. Or you can send out what are called Mass Availability Requests to a group of staff, say that work a defined position.

The easiest way to ask staff if they are free to work is by using the “Ask relevant staff if they are available for this call time?” dropdown field with the call times that you define for an event. When you set this field to Yes, the software will automatically create a Mass Availability Request based off of the call time’s details.

Call time: Ask staff for availability

If an event is in Daily Digest mode, the requests will go out with others at 10am Pacific the next day. If an event is not in Daily Digest mode, then the availability requests will go out right away and you’ll soon start getting answers back from your staff.

Availability requests are sent as a link via text message and email. Staff can then open the link in their phone’s Web browser to easily review the details, and then respond Yes or No (by tapping one or the other). These responses then get recorded into the software, and can be referenced by you (an admin user) under the Availability tab within an event’s staffing page.

Screenshot of availability request features

If a Mass Availability Request was created with a call time, or if it was manually created, you will see them listed with others. To view the results from staff, click the light blue header of a Mass Request to expand it. Once expanded, you will be able to see the Yes and No responses from staff. You will also see the green Add Shift button that you can click on to select a staff to work. Clicking on the Add Shift button will copy the details from the availability request and use them to create a work shift for you.

Screenshot of a mass availability request