How staff use time tracking

If you allow staff to clock in/out on their own with their work shifts (setting found here), staff will get access to the following.

Staff will receive a reminder text message and email X hours before their work shift. Where X is the hour value set by you within the time tracking settings.

With the work shift reminder, staff will see a Clock In button at the top of the work shift page. If staff tap the Clock In button, their phone will ask them to give location access to Event Staff App (this happens one time only). If staff grant location access, then the software can record where they clock in/out from. Staff can still clock in/out even if location access is not granted to the software, but the software will not be able to record their location. We recommend that in your staff handbook, or work guidelines that you provided to your staff, that you require your staff to give location access to Event Staff App.

Time tracking: Staff not yet clocked inTime tracking: Staff clocked inTime tracking: staff clocked out

Before a work shift ends, staff will get another text reminder asking them to clock out when done. They will get a link in the text message that will take them to the work shift, and they will now see a Clock Out button that they can tap (similar to the Clock In button that they previously used).

With clock in/out recorded, as an admin user you will then be able to visit the staffing page for an event to view the details for their work shift to view full information on time tracking. Find more details here on time tracking features for admins.

If staff forget to clock in/out, say if they missed the window set by you, then staff are allowed to manually enter in the times for when they started work and when they ended work.

Time tracking: Missed clock in