Creating Staff Accounts

Before you create your staff user accounts, we recommend that you first define the positions that you will categorize your staff under. Positions can be created and managed in the settings area here:


Examples of positions/titles:

  • Bartender
  • Bartender – Level 1, Bartender – Level 2
  • Bartender – New Jersey, Bartender – Brooklyn, Bartender – Chicago

Staff can be categorized under 1, or more, positions and allows you to target the right staff when scheduling and messaging them.

There are 2 routes to creating staff accounts in our software:

  1. You can use the Create Staff Account page by going to https://app.eventstaffapp.com/users/create
  2. You can import your staff roster from Excel spreadsheet or .csv file. Details on importing staff can be found at https://app.eventstaffapp.com/users/import_info