Why You Should Stop Using Spreadsheets For Events

Here’s why you should stop using spreadsheets and use software for event scheduling and staffing instead. The gig economy isn’t going anyway. Fortunly.com estimates that more than a third of US workers (36%) participate in the gig economy. Event staff can work all kinds of gigs like weddings, security, sporting events, conferences, tours, private parties, catering, etc. The list goes on and on. The event industry is expected to grow to a whopping $538B by 2023!

That means event management or event staffing companies are positioned for strong growth ahead. Scaling and growing your events business needs to be done with the right tools. Some companies are starting to get ahead of the curve. 78% of event planners are using more technology post-pandemic

This means one thing: You need the right event scheduling and staffing software to help you scale. 

For decades, event staffing has relied on manual, inefficient processes that create headaches for event professionals. Things like spreadsheets, email chains, texting staff individually, paper check-ins – these tedious tasks have become standard protocol at some companies. Here are some pain points that end up costing you in more ways than money: 

  • Never know which staff members are free 
  • No way for staff to see future events easily 
  • No visibility into scheduling conflicts 
  • Live in 10,000 different spreadsheets
  • Have to individually message staff (on a phone that no one else has visibility into)
  • Inaccurate time sheets (one survey estimated this alone cost companies 28% of revenue)
  • Have to manually remind staff about shifts, clock-ins, etc.
  • Lack of payroll integrations
  • And, the list goes on and on

It’s time for a change…

If you’ve felt these before, it’s time for a change. Event staffing apps are disrupting legacy event management, event scheduling, and event staffing methods. Having the right event management software means you focus on growth and keeping clients happy. It means you eliminate these pain points not only for you but your event crews feel as well (trust us, they feel them too).

Here are some ways Event Staff App can help add value to your day-to-day without breaking the bank

  • End-to-end event creation, staffing, and management (helping you get 60% of your time back)
  • Know who’s free to work beforehand (allowing you to staff events 25% faster)
  • Scheduling management & conflict alerts
  • Messaging center (for all staff, event and/or position-based)
  • Automatic shift reminders for staff 
  • Shift confirmations
  • Time & attendance tracking (with GPS functionality)
  • Clock in/out tallying total hours worked
  • Staff roster management 
  • Custom fields (events, staff, shifts)
  • Hiring tools to help grow your roster
  • Payroll Reporting 
  • Payroll integrations
  • Staff calendars
  • Custom permissions (admins vs. staff)
  • Client/Venue profiles
  • Staff Profiles
  • Custom positions
  • iPhone/Android apps staff can use

Let the software do the grunt work that devours your time. You want to have seamless systems so you feel in control of your operations instead of being controlled by them.

We know you’ve got superhuman skills but let the right event staffing software put you ahead of the pack by taking on the mundane tasks for you. You’ll have a competitive edge over others and be positioned to capture more of the $538B market growth. Work smarter, not harder. Trying Event Staff App out yourself using free 30-day trial